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Underground like a hermit

Under your skin hypodermic

Thinking with the small head

Rude lewd new nigga 

same stanky Attitude

Take a bath same stanky ass clothes


Grey sweats, dirty socks, flip-flops due rags

Parasite and Pervert a disgusting ass douchebag

I Love to stick out my chest and brag 

Every now and then I dress in drag

But you can’t resist my drip and swag

Jogging suits, polo boots

You Can’t resist the game I shoot


I’m lecherous and lewd with a cocky attitude 

I’m cartoonishly rude 

Annoyingly and aggressively requesting nudes

And I’m so quick to send Unsolicited pics of big sick, bumpy dicks

Looking like a deep fried burnt-up chicken on a stick


I’m a pussy chaser, a time waster

A heartless charmer a pussy warmer

Spirit harmer, an STD and bastard farmer


Just Let your inhibitions run wild and free

You need a bitch, ass, nigga, just like me


To Entice you with my cheap cologne

make you feel loved and Lead you on 

I fuck you good smoke yo weed and then I’m gone

With the wind 

To fuck your friends 

Then double back you again

Then I just might stand you up

Fuck your time I’ll never man up


Im an Asshole, a dick a menace to society

We got little, big, young and old dick varieties


I’m a psycho pseudo-intellectual
my relationships are only sexual

Basic, misogynistic, egotistical, narcissistic

I lead you on then let you down

Baby momma in every town

I will do nothing but wasted your time 

But you better not think of wasting mine

Hey baby what you are doing tonight

I don’t plan that far ahead

Unless it’s a plan to be in your bed

Every text the subject is sex


We meet on my terms or not at all at 

I never call

This how I maintain control and power

Just random WYD text at odd fluky ass hours 



But your dumbass be like

let me brush my teeth, take a dookey and hop in the shower


you will Only see me after 12:00

That’s when hit you with this hickory, Dick.ory cock doc

Bitch I’m Slicker that snot

Dick so big, is that a condom or a dick in a sock

Understood I’m laying wood 

Bitch I’m up to no dam good


Charming, alluring debonair and dapper 

An old piece of shit in a beautiful new rapper


Let’s face it, we live in an era where the only thing matters is the package 

Until you go to the doctor and you have that package


Immature unsure 

Big dick, gray sweatpants, the perfect lure 

I know exactly what it takes to make you wet and blush 

All through your heart, I plan to rush

And play with your emotions like candy crush

I don’t open doors 

i don’t do chores

Time is on my side, so I waste yours

Laws off attraction

Whore like whores


He-thot, boy toys, hot piece of ass

We won’t pump gas and don’t cut grass

Can’t change a battery lightbulb or tire, 

Every other week my piss on fire

But I’m your convenient slut and heart’s desire


I’m always begging and, on my knees, 

Full of excuses lies and STDs

If you say no, I just keep saying, please 

And then like a big ass rat I’m off with your cheese


I eat ass, I cook, I bring you sweets 

Hold your pocketbook and kiss your sweaty feet

I tell you I love you and rub your back

I wash your car and feed you snacks

Keep you company, hold your hand in church 

I’ll even kiss you were it hurts 

I’m A shoulder to lean on when your heart is hurt

I’ll take out the trash and all that shit 

I’ll do Everything except commit


When you’re in between relationships 

I’m the nigga all between your lips and hips 


Boyfriend, lover, I’m none of that at all

I’m just a snack, a booty call 

Worthless companion,

an appetizer

Liar, cheater, womanizer 

A Successful failure, An arrogant bum 

Just that convenient nigga to make you cum

Back, I got you, if I get your ass in the sack 

I’m cute and sexy, I’m good in bed

You know I got that super fire head


Practice make perfect so I perfect my practice

Do have any idea how many bitches I fucked on your pissy mattress

While you’re at work 

Can’t reach the nut rag so we grab your shirt

While her warm sweet succulent squirt 

permeates your sheets and pillowcase 

it’s her juices you taste when you kiss my face


you don’t stand a chance against my tongue massage

your bed is an oasis a utopia a mirage

a canvas to reveal my cum collage 


A canvas to reveal my cum collage 

The sheets conceal my cum montage

So much skeet from fuckin bare meat

The mattress looks like camouflage




The sweet heat from her fonky feet



I take your delicate heart then wad and I discard 

Now you’re feeling confused and Cursed by god, 

I make life so fucking hard

Now Every good man you meet is barred

You shed endless tears but I disregard


Our relationship was nothing more than shrill shrieking fraud



Me and my squad are just a façade 

Gone with the wind like a funky ass farts


I’m a fuck boy, a phony, a hologram

My whole life is a heinous horrific sham

But Frankly my dear, I don’t give a damn

What you see is all you get

If it ain’t about me, bitch, it ain’t about shit


I will never grow up Apologize or quit


Listen. And understand. That fuckboy is out there. 

It can't be bargained with. 

It can't be reasoned with

He doesn't feel pity, or remorse, or fear. 

And it absolutely will not stop, ever, until you are

Completely Broken sexual used up abused

and spiritually dead and you credit score is 24

And account is overdrawn-0

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